Past Events

February 13, 2024 Heckerling Recap 2024
Jeremiah W. Doyle IV, Esq.
January 9, 2024 State of the City
Mayor Dominic Sarno
December 12, 2023 Corporate Transparency Act and Good Governance
Atty. Katie McDonough and Julie Quink, CPA
November 14, 2023 Estate Planning Council Winter Social Event
October 10, 2023 A Conversation about Charitable Giving Planning and the Community Foundation of Western MA
Joanna Ballantine and Nigel Greaves, Community Foundation
May 9, 2023 What's Happening With Business Exits?
Michael Vann
March 22, 2023 Advanced Estate Planning Techniques
Kevin D. Quinn, J.D.
February 14, 2023 Heckerling Recap 2023
Jeremiah W. Doyle IV, Esq.
January 10, 2023 The RIFT Project: Eliminating Delays When Requesting IRA & Other Death Proceeds
Johni Hays, JD
December 8, 2022 Annual Holiday Estate Planning Council Networking Event December 8, 2022
November 8, 2022 The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Estate Planning and Trusts
Michael O'Connor and Jennifer Maynard
October 11, 2022 Premium Financing
Kyle Jones and Morgan Scott
September 13, 2022 Current Affairs Update and the Intersection with Our Industry
Senator Eric P. Lesser
June 14, 2022 EPCHC Golf Outing @ The Ranch
May 10, 2022 Where There's a Will, There's a Say More
Susan Turnbull
March 8, 2022 2022 Tax Planning Update
Bernard Buzz Travers, CPA, JD
February 8, 2022 Heckerling Recap 2022
Jeremiah W. Doyle IV
January 11, 2022 Capital Markets Forecast
Meghan Shue and Luke Tilley
January 1, 2022 Donation to Food Pantry of Springfield
December 16, 2021 Holiday Networking Event
November 16, 2021 Trust Best Practices and Pitfalls
Bernard G. Cuadra, Ryan P. McManus, Judge David G. Sacks (ret.)
October 19, 2021 Planning for Recent Developments in MassHealth/Medicaid
Atty. John L. Roberts
September 28, 2021 Government Representative
MA Representative Joseph F. Wagner
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